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Strive for Pride

STRIVE Program Overview

If you are a Hofstra student employee looking to excel, then the Student Training Resulting In Vocational Excellence (STRIVE) program is for you.  STRIVE provides you with opportunities to develop and enhance your skill set, knowledge base and leadership potential so that you can succeed both as a student employee and in your future career.

  • Benefits

    Benefits of Participating

    STRIVE gives you the chance to attend free, one-hour workshops on a variety of topics designed to enrich your professional development.
    Here are a few of the benefits of participating:

    • Discover how to connect your student position to your future career goals
    • Learn valuable skills that will give you an advantage after graduation
    • Improve your communication, time management and work/life balance skills
    • Develop your cultural competencies and ability to work effectively with others

    If you complete the STRIVE certification requirements, you will:

    • Receive a STRIVE certificate
    • Be able to list "Student Training Resulting In Vocational Excellence" on your resume

    Receive recognition during National Student Employment Week in April

  • Certification Requirements

    Certification Requirements

    To be eligible for a STRIVE Certification, you must work at least 2 semesters in a student position and attend the PRIDE in the Workplace workshop.

    In addition, you must also:

    • Attended at least 10 workshops, please note each module has a specific number of requirements within the program
    • Swipe your HofID card at the registration table at the workshop (this will ensures you receive credit for each workshop you attend.)

    You must complete the STRIVE certification requirements over the course of no more than eight semesters.

  • How to Participate

    How to Participate

    Participation in the STRIVE program is free!  All you need to do to participate in the program is to register and attend the STRIVE workshops available throughout the year. All workshops must be attended on your own time.

    To earn credit for attending STRIVE workshops you must swipe your HofID card at every workshop you attend.  You can view course listings under the STRIVE Program page found on the Student Employment webpage.  Enrollment at STRIVE workshops is limited and registration is often mandatory, please check the course listings for registration requirements and remember to register early.

    You can start attending STRIVE workshops before you have completed the 2 semesters worked requirement and prior to attending the PRIDE in the Workplace workshop; however, both are required in order to receive certification. 

  • Program Modules

    Module 1: Employment Fundamentals
    (Need to attend at least 2)
    Seminars in this module will provide you with some key principles and guidelines regarding how to contribute in a workplace environment.
    Office Etiquette
    Customer Service Excellence
    Managing Emotions in the Workplace
    Generations in the Workplace

    Module 2: Communication
    (Need to attend at least 2)
    Seminars in this module will provide you with helpful techniques on how to effectively communicate in a workplace environment.
    Conflict Management
    Effective Workplace Communication
    Resilience and Accepting Feedback (possible Counseling)
    Social Media Presentation (Marc Oppenheim)

    Module 3: Computer Programs
    (Need to attend at least 2)
    Classes in this module are designed to help you learn a few of the computer programs you be utilizing in a workplace environment.  Note: you have the opportunity to become certified in Word and Excel.
    Microsoft Word – Basic
    Microsoft Word – Intermediate
    Microsoft Excel – Basic
    Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

    Module 4: Work/Life Balance
    (Need to attend at least 1)
    Seminars in this module will provide you with some key strategies regarding how to balance your life.
    Time Management
    Mindfulness Meditation
    Stress Management
    Lunch & Learn

    Module 5: Workplace Culture & Diversity
    (Need to attend at least 1)
    Seminars in this module will assist you with becoming more culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of others in a workplace environment.

    Module 6: Ethics & Leadership
    (Need to attend at least 1)
    Seminars in this module will provide you with some key principles and guidelines regarding leadership and how to become a better leader now and in the future.
    Business Ethics & Confidentiality
    EXCEL Leadership Seminars (OSLE)
    Building Confidence

    Module 7: Career Readiness
    (Need to attend at least 1)
    Activities in this module will help prepare you for an on-campus opportunity, an internship or your first job after graduation.
    Transferable Skills Assessment
    Resume Writing/Review
    Interview Skills
    Mock Interview
    Elevator Pitch

  • Register for Upcoming Training Modules

    Upcoming STRIVE Workshops for Spring 2017