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The campus at Hofstra University

Types of Positions

On-campus student employment opportunities for eligible Federal Work-Study students and non-Federal Work-Study students include positions in a diverse array of departments throughout campus.

Many of the jobs available on campus involve assisting with general office duties. Typically, students answer telephones, sit at reception desks, assist with mailings, and serve as messengers between offices. Some positions require customer service skills; others require familiarity with computers.

Some students work as front desk security for the residence halls or as safety patrols around campus. Other positions include science and computer lab assistants, lifeguards, sports referees, child care assistants, tutors, and library workers.

Click a link below to learn more about the types of positions offered.

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (“FWS”) is a form of Financial Aid where you become eligible to earn your grant award through a job.  If you are eligible for Federal Work-Study, your financial aid award letter will list the dollar amount your Federal Work Study grant.  You may also check your portal to see if you were awarded any Federal Work Study grant money.

Federal Work-Study jobs are real jobs with real responsibilities where you are paid an hourly wage to work; NOT to study.


Eligibility for FWS is based on financial need, as determined by Hofstra Student Financial Services, and on information from the student’s filed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Students eligible for Federal Work-Study (“FWS”) are those who have applied for financial aid and have been awarded a Federal Work-Study Grant.

Students interested in becoming eligible for FWS positions should file the FAFSA form in the spring prior to the summer or academic year they want to work.  The form is available online and at the Office of Student Financial Services on the second floor of Memorial Hall.  This form must be filed for each year a student seeks eligibility.  Renewal is not automatic

FWS Grants

The dollar amount of your FWS grant is the maximum you may earn for the academic year on the Federal Work-Study Program.  Summer Grants are awarded separately upon your request to the Office of Student Financial Services.

FWS Positions

FWS positions may be on or off-campus.  Available FWS positions may be found by clicking on the Current Jobs link above.

Hofstra University encourages those students eligible for FWS to take advantage of employment offering community service opportunities.  These jobs are available both on campus and in the local community.

Off-campus FWS jobs may be with federal, state, or local public agencies or private nonprofit organizations and must be in the public interest.  Some of our off-campus community service employers have been the Uniondale Public Library, Roosevelt Children’s Academy, and the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Hourly


Employment is not based on financial aid status.  All matriculated Hofstra students in good standing and enrolled in at least half-time semester hours are eligible for hourly wage employment as a Student Employee.

International students holding appropriate US Department of State student visas are permitted to work on campus as a Student Employee or through a Graduate Assistantship (discussed below) so long as they meet the requirements of their visa classification, are enrolled as full time students have applied for a social security card and otherwise meet the eligibility requirements set forth above. 


Jobs are available year-round and are posted on the Student Employment web page or through individual University departments.

Graduate Assistantships


A Graduate Assistantship is a student employment position that includes as compensation a tuition waiver and a stipend.  All matriculated Hofstra graduate students pursuing a graduate degree are eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship.


Graduate Assistantships are appointed by semester.   Re-appointment is subject to departmental approval; performance of duties in a satisfactory manner; continued registration in at least half-time credit hours; and good academic standing. 

The tuition waiver is valued per credit at the lowest current graduate tuition rate.  All students are required to pay registration and applicable fees.
Please contact the Office of Student Employment or individual departments for further details.  Assistantship opportunities are posted on the Office of Student Employment website.



All matriculated Hofstra students in good standing and enrolled in at least half-time semester hours are eligible for Extra-Curricular, non-employment positions.


Hofstra University offers a multitude of positions generally recognized as extracurricular.  These positions-- which are part of your overall educational experience at Hofstra -- are not employment positions.  Some come with a stipend.  Examples of extracurricular activities include:

Pep band
Musical performances
Athletic team student managers

Debate Teams

Please visit the following website for more information: http://www.hofstra.edu/StudentAffairs

Other Opportunities


The other opportunities listed below each have their own eligibility requirements.  Check with each department to find out more information. 

Leadership Positions

There are opportunities on campus for students to serve as:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Mentors
  • Orientation Leaders
  • Welcome Week Coordinators, Etc.

These positions, which may also offer stipends or housing, offer educational leadership and mentoring opportunities for students and are not employment positions

Please visit the following website for more information:  http://www.hofstra.edu/StudentAffairs

Off-Campus Employment

The Career Center maintains listings of off-campus employment including part-time and summer jobs.  The Career Center is located in R. Lowe Hall on south campus, telephone 463-6060. 

These off-campus jobs are available to all Hofstra students and represent opportunities in nearby business offices, shopping malls, and restaurants.  Positions in other Long Island and New York City locations are also listed.

Other On-Campus Employment

The Food/Dining Services and Bookstore at Hofstra are independently managed, have their own policies, and do their own hiring.  See area managers directly for employment opportunities and hiring requirements.


The Career Center also has information regarding internship opportunities.  An internship enables students to work in a professional environment directly related to students' career goals. There are a variety of industries that support salaried and unpaid internships.  Academic credit may be made available by a department chairperson or professor. 

Summer Positions on Campus 

Continuing and new students may work on campus during the summer.  Some positions offer full-time hours up to a maximum of 30 hours per week.  Summer positions are usually posted in late April.  Click on “Current Jobs” (please link to current student jobs) to find out about summer opportunities at that time.  In addition, check with any office to inquire if they are hiring for the summer.