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The HOFCAST monitors displays information about events that are occurring all over campus. Any registered organization can submit a request for a message to be displayed on HOFCAST.  Hofcasts are subject to all flyer policy rules regarding content.  We ask that HOFcasts be submitted two week prior to the event and they will take us three days to process.  Below are the guidelines for HOFCAST.

Why do you put your events on Hofcast? So people will find out about them, right? Well, if your Hofcast screen isn't designed the right way, it won't have the effect you hoped for, or worse, it won't be accepted for display. In order to help you promote your groups and events properly, we're providing these guidelines for creating flyers that can be used for Hofcast screens.  
Do not use copywritten images.
Did you take the photo or create the image? If not, did you get permission to use the image from the creator? Just because you found an image in Google, doesn't mean you can use it. There are royalty-free image sites online, but most charge a fee to use their images (Royalty-Free means you don't have to pay the photographer and models also, not that the image is free to use.)  Instead, you can use photos tagged with an Attribution License from Flickr Creative Commons (just make sure to credit the photographer) or use Morguefile.com.
Avoid using people's faces
Unless you have a model's permission, you shouldn't show their face on Hofcast. 
Contrast your backgrounds and your text
Don't use a light background behind lightly-colored text. Conversely, don't use dark backgrounds with dark text. This will make your screen easier to read. 
Use large, plain, thick fonts against clear areas of the background
Again, this makes it easier to read. Look at your screen from 10 feet away...is it easy to read? If not, it won't work on Hofcast.

Also suggested: use a small drop-shadow to make text stand out and if necessary, put a block of color behind the text to make it stand out clearly from the background.

Keep It Simple
Limit the info included to just the most important elements. This included the name of the event/program, the time and date, the location, and contact info. These should be the largest/easiest parts to read.

Design Horizontally
Instead of designing a flyer vertically, turn it on its side. The key benefit is you can fit more/larger text across the width, but it also looks far better on Hofcast, and will stand out on a wall.


If your image meets all the guidelines listed above, send a 1920 x 1080 pixel image to OSLE.