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The Hofstra Discovery Program

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The Hofstra Discovery Program is a dynamic, interactive program designed for incoming first-year and new transfer students who wish to be actively engaged through advocacy, community service, outdoor recreation, and reflection. Participants in the past have chosen the following paths of discovery – community empowerment, outdoor exploration, social awareness, or sustainable solutions – and are led in small groups by upper-class discovery student-leaders, faculty, staff and community partners who share the same passions for discovery. This is an opportunity to build connections, hone leadership skills and begin the transition to college life and learning. As a participant in the Discovery Program, students take their first step towards discovering their path here at Hofstra University. The fee for the Discovery Program for 2020 is $500.


Students can select a path that best suits their interests; each path provides interactive programs and experiences. Below are examples of Path from prior years. Note that the events and activities in each path changes from year to year and selection of paths is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Discovery Path I – Community Engagement

Students develop an understanding of how community organizations are managed and the strategies they use to empower communities to take action. 

Past participants have: 

  • Painted a local elementary school playground. 
  • Served the guests at a local soup kitchen.
  • Helped maintain the facilities of a homeless shelter.

Students in these majors would benefit from this path: Political Science, Religion, Sociology, American Studies, Psychology, Communication, Liberal Studies, Community Health, Health Science.

Discovery Path II – Outdoor Exploration

Students explore the outdoors and challenge themselves by taking risks while reflecting on living life intentionally. Past participants have: 

  • Camped overnight at a New York state park.
  • Participated in outdoor activities, including kayaking, hiking, and biking.
  • Visited a local Native American reservation and learned about Long Island heritage.

Students in these majors would benefit from this path: Global Studies, Geography, Biology, Psychology, Environment & Sustainability, Geology, Physical Education.

Discovery Path III – Leadership

Students are encouraged to uncover and enhance the leader within. Participants discover their leadership style and experience firsthand what it means and what it takes to be a leader among their peers. Past participants have:

  • Attended a leadership summit in Manhattan.
  • Participated in intensive team-building activities such as a high and low ropes course.
  • Participated in and/or watched a TED Talk. 

 Students in these majors would benefit from this path: Entrepreneurship, Management, Education, Political Science, Legal Studies.

Sign Up

Sign Up for the Program Begins June 2, 2020.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for students who qualify. Please email DiscoveryProgram[at]hofstra.edu with questions.


There will be no refunds for cancellations after August 1, 2020.


Contact us at DiscoveryProgram[at]hofstra.edu

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What Participants Say

“The friends I made and the people we helped. It was such a worthwhile experience and a great way to start my college career.”
-Irene Wymes

“I have met a few of my future classmates, ventured from my comfort zone and learned about ways to get involved throughout my upcoming years at Hofstra. I feel charged and ready to continue acts of service in our local community.”
-Rebecca Gianarkis

“I grew emotionally by stepping out of my comfort zone into not only a whole new region, but also a whole new economic class. I feel better educated and cultured through this experience.”
-Kirsten White

Meet the Staff

Discovery Program Stats

  • After the program, 92% of the students felt a connection to Hofstra, 46% felt a connection to Hempstead, and 62% felt a connection to NYC.
  • Before the program, 18% thought the main reason for homelessness was “lack of motivation.” Afterwards, 0% thought this was the main reason.
  • 87% reported being thankful to have gone through the program
  • 83% reported that the Discovery Program impacted their views about conservation or compassion
  • 86% reported that their involvement in the Discovery Program positively impacted their adjustment to college

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