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Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion Students

Multicultural Programs

Six Culturally Themed Heritage Months

  • Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month (September/October)
  • LGBTQ+ History Month (October)
  • Indigenous and Native Peoples Heritage Month (November)
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Women's Herstory Month (March)
  • Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (April)

The Diversity-Dialogue-Desserts (DDD) Series

The Diversity, Dialogue and Desserts Series is a discussion-oriented forum that provides an opportunity to discuss diversity in a fun, relaxed and safe space. The series covers topics revolving around social justice. Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion (IEI) provides these programs every month centering around the topic of that specific heritage month. Typically, each of the Dialogues is facilitated by a member of the IEI Staff and a guest facilitator including, but not limited to, Faculty, Students, Alumni, and non-IEI staff members. During the academic year, Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion will offer a variety of DDD's. For exact times and locations, follow @HofstraIEI on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions regarding the DDD program, or would like to contribute to the dialogues, please email the office at iei@hofstra.edu

Diversity Training and Education Programs

Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion provides diversity education through training programs designed to increase cultural awareness, promote social justice, and enhance participants' knowledge of intercultural communication, competencies, and sensitivity. The goal is to ensure that we all recognize, appreciate, and affirm cultural differences and continuously maintain multicultural competence and sensitivity in our everyday interactions in our diverse communities.

The office provides training for the entire university community, including students, faculty, staff and administrators. Trainings are designed to match the needed outcomes of particular groups. If you are interested in having a member of IEI present on any number of intercultural and social justice topics, please email iei@hofstra.edu with your request and intended outcomes.