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Pre-Health File | Pre-Health Advising
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Pre-Health File

Four years may seem like a lot of time to plan for your future career in health and medical services. However, it is incredibly important to keep an eye on the suggested timeline of study if you wish to enter your desired program directly after graduating from Hofstra University. Remember, for many professional programs, applications must be completed during the summer of your Junior year; however, a complete pre-health file must be on record with the Advisement office and you must be interviewed by pre-health advisory committee before you can apply.

You can get a head start on these requirements by beginning to look at what will be expected of you in the upcoming years and what is needed to complete your pre-health files at Hofstra.

What is the Pre-Health file?
If you are planning to apply to a health professions program we will keep a file of your course evaluations, recommendations, pre-health application, resume, and transcripts in the Center for University Advisement Office. The information in your file is confidential and accessible only to the Pre-Health Committee and your advisors within the Center for University Advisement.

Why do I need a Pre-Health file?
When it is time to apply to health professions schools, we guide students through the application process. This includes providing qualified students with a Committee Letter, which is a very detailed and combined reference letter that incorporates letters of recommendation and evaluations.

Starting the file allows you to start collecting letters of recommendation and evaluations as soon as possible; when you apply you won't have to spend time trying to locate previous professors because you will have requested them when you took the course or worked with the individual.

When will my Pre-Health file be reviewed?
The pre-health files must be completed by the end of your Junior year if you are looking to begin your desired program directly after graduation from Hofstra University. At the end of your Junior year, you will sit for an interview with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee who will review your entire file and speak with you about various aspects of your three completed years at Hofstra. The Committee with then use both your interview and your pre-health file to write a Pre-Health Committee Recommendation Letter, a required correspondence that will be sent to all schools that you choose to apply to.Information and guidelines about sitting before the Pre-Health Advisory Committee can be seen below.

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