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Pre-Health Advisory Committee Interview
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Interviews with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee

If you plan to enter a professional program directly after graduation from Hofstra University, you will need to have your pre-health file completed by the end of your Junior year.  A major component of this file will be your Pre-Health Advisory Committee Application, which MUST be completed and on file by April 15 of Junior year.  Extensions will be made ONLY for extenuating circumstances.  Applications can be downloaded from the Documents Tab under the Pre-Health Professions Group on Black Board.
Once your application is on file, you will receive a notification of when your interview with the Advisory Committee will take place.  During this interview, the Committee will review your completed application and speak with you about various experiences and events that have taken place during your years at the University.  The Committee will use this interview and your application to create a comprehensive letter of evaluation that is written for each student applying to graduate schools of the health professions.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Pre-Health Advisory Committee Process:

What is the Pre-Health Professional Advisory Committee Evaluation?
The Advisory Committee Evaluation is a composite evaluation and supporting document that is written for current students and alumni applying to graduate schools of the health professions who complete the interview process.  This evaluation is written on a student’s request and only after the student completes all application requirements.  The pre-applicant process includes submission of letters of recommendation, application materials, as well as an interview. 

Who is on the Pre-Health Professional Advisory Committee?
The Pre-Health Professional Advisory Committee is made up of faculty from the Sciences departments and the Pre-Health Advisor, Dean Ellen Miller.

How important is the Committee Evaluation?
Most professional school admissions committees place a fair amount of emphasis on these evaluations.  The admissions committees are very interested in learning more about you as a person and this evaluation can help frame some of your experiences. It is designed to be a comprehensive picture of you as an applicant.  The letter is an important part of your applicant file.  The Committee Evaluation may hold more or less weight depending on the type of professional school to which you apply.

Why does the Pre-Health Professional Advisory Committee need to interview me?
First, the interview is designed to get to know you better.  It will be an opportunity for us to clarify things that you have written about and to discuss some of your interests and experiences.  Second, the committee interview will also give you a first taste of what a medical school interview may be like.

Requirements to Sit Before the Pre-Health Advisory Committee

Only students who have at least a 3.3 overall GPA and at least 16 credits in residence will be interviewed by the Pre-health Professional Advisory Committee.  Pre-health files, including letters of recommendation, must also be completed and handed in by April 15 of the year PRIOR to entrance to Medical or other Professional  School. Failure to file all paperwork will result in the denial of an interview.

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