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Undergraduate Tutorial Program

Your Responsibilities as a Student

Welcome to the Undergraduate Tutorial Program (UTP) and congratulations on your wise decision to seek the assistance of a tutor. You have taken an important step in ensuring your success this semester. The UTP Tutors and staff will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals. However, tutoring requires teamwork and is most successful when students take an active role in the learning process. As such, the UTP would like you to review your responsibilities as a student, detailed below, to help you better understand how the process works.

UTP Student Responsibilities

By utilizing our tutoring services, you agree to adhere to all UTP policies and uphold your responsibilities as a student.

  • Tutoring services are intended as a supplement to material learned in the classroom.
  • Tutoring is most effective when treated as a semester-long commitment.
  • You are responsible for your own learning and academic performance.
  • You must not utilize tutoring services as a last-minute resource in an effort to “cram.”
  • You are expected to have read the required material and attempted the assignments or readings prior to tutoring.
  • You must come prepared to all tutoring sessions with specific questions and supplies that are relevant for the work you wish to do (e.g., syllabus, textbooks, notes, laptop, calculator, etc.).
  • You are expected to adhere to all academic integrity policies. Find out more information regarding Hofstra's Academic Code of Honesty.
  • You are expected to attend all classes. Tutoring services are not a replacement for class attendance.
  • Tutors are meant to act as a guide and are not a substitute for a course instructor. You are responsible for seeking clarification from the instructor if you are uncertain of course policies and expectations. 
  • For courses offered on an appointment basis, students are required to have a pre-scheduled appointment (maximum: 2 appointments per course, per week, in no more than 3 courses).
  • Students may not join other students' pre-scheduled appointments without prior approval from UTP.
  • Tutoring sessions can only take place in the Center for Academic Excellence or designated academic buildings on campus.
  • Students are expected to attend all scheduled appointments (see Cancellation Policy below).
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and you are expected to treat tutors, staff, and students in the UTP with respect at all times.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your tutoring appointment, please do so in Student Success Connect. To avoid penalty, cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours in advance. You will be marked as a “No Show” if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice OR do not arrive to your appointment within the first 15 minutes. If you receive three “No Shows,” you will not be allowed to book tutoring appointments for the remainder of the semester. Be considerate of both your tutors' time and other students who may need a tutoring appointment.

If you experience any problems or have questions, please contact the UTP at (516) 463-4002 / Send an Email


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Phone: (516) 463-4002
Fax: (516) 463-4049

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