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Students can access these services through the Student Services menu within the portal.

Office of the Bursar/Student Accounts:
Billing, Payment and Refunds

Understanding Billing and Payments »

The Office of the Bursar/Student Accounts is responsible for the billing, the processing of payments, refunds and the collections of receivables of all student accounts. The Office of the Bursar/Student Accounts works in conjunction with the Office of Admissions, the Office of Academic Records/Registrar, the Office of Financial Aid and the Student Financial Services Suite to deliver superior customer service to our students and families at Hofstra University.

The student account reflects all your registration, billing status, and financial aid information. All your account information is available online through your secure portal at https://my.hofstra.edu. When a student registers for classes each semester, either via paper or electronically, he/she must read and agree to the Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility. To review the detailed information on the Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility, please click the link below. No registration can be accepted for a student whose account remains unpaid for a prior semester. Hofstra University reserves the right to alter the schedule of charges without notice.

In accordance with Hofstra University policy, the student's consent is required for a parent, or other individual, to see the student account balance and summary of transactions; note this is a different authorization from FERPA requirements. The student is responsible to register for classes, to review the student account summary and to ensure payment is made and applied to the student account on or before the due date each semester. Further, the student may choose to withdraw from a semester or request a refund from the student account. When refunds are the result of non-loan-related payments, the refund will be provided directly to the student, regardless of whether the original payor of the funds was the student. This is because payments credited to a student's account are considered credits belonging to the student, and not to a parent, or other individual, who may have made a payment on the student's behalf.


Hofstra University is green! Billing statements will only be available online to students and their designated authorized users. Paper billing statements will not be mailed home.

Students must have at least one authorized user assigned to their eBill account so that the authorized user may also automatically receive emails when electronic billing statements are available online to view. Go to hofstra.edu/EbillAddUser for instructions on how to add an authorized user.


Hofstra University accepts payments via cash, check, or money order in person at the Student Financial Services Suite. Please make checks payable to Hofstra University. Alternatively, payments may be made online via electronic check. For more information on Payment Options, click the link below.


If the student account reflects a credit balance (negative amount), the student may sign up to receive the refund electronically via eRefund(direct deposit). Enrolling in eRefund is just designating the preferred method to receive the money; the student will still need to request the refund via the portal account at my.hofstra.edu. Get instructions on how to set up an eRefund Account and how to request a refund. For more detailed information on the Refund Policy, please go to www.hofstra.edu/refunds.

Here are some quick links to help manage your Student Account, pay your bills and keep track of deadlines.

Walk-In Service
Please refer to the calendar for our walk in hours.

206 Memorial Hall
126 Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11549-1260

Phone Service
Monday to Friday:
9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Student Financial Services Suite
Phone: (516) 463-8000
Fax: (516) 463-4936

Fast Fact

Things you can expect to see on your portal include:

  • Schedules
  • student status
  • copies of recent statements
  • Financial aid packages, awards
  • Updated account information
  • Available Payment Plans

Payment Due Dates

  • Fall semester balances are typically due the first week of August
  • Spring semester balances are typically due the first week of January