Academic Integrity

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Procedures and Policies

Bulletin and Handbook Statements

  1. Undergraduate Bulletin Statement on Academic Honesty
  2. Graduate Studies Bulletin Statement of Academic Honesty
  3. Medical School Bulletin (see p. 146).
  4. Law School Code of Conduct (see p. 28)

Procedures for Handling Violations of Academic Honesty

  1. Undergraduate Students: FPS 11
  2. Graduate Students: FPS 11G (Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, School of Education, Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Health Professions and Human Services)
  3. Law School Students: FPS 11A
  4. Medical School Bulletin (see p. 146).

Procedure Flow Charts

  1. Academic Dishonesty Flowchart (Undergraduate)
  2. Academic Dishonesty Flowchart (Graduate)