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Student Counseling

Group Counseling

The group format generally involves members who come together to discuss common concerns once each week. Group members are encouraged to explore their style of coping and relating to other members by interacting freely and honestly in a supportive environment. An environment of privacy and respect is highly valued and individuals are encouraged to maintain the confidentiality of fellow group members. Unless otherwise noted, all groups meet in the Student Health and Counseling Center, Room 106, which can be accessed through the north entrance door of the Wellness and Campus Living Center, North Campus. There is no charge for participation in groups; attendance is limited to currently enrolled Hofstra University Students.

Spring 2020 Student Health and Counseling Center Groups


Social Anxiety Group

This supportive group focuses on helping students understand and reduce anxiety in social situations. Learn and develop skills and strategies for becoming more comfortable in social settings.

Monday at 5 p.m.


Mindfulness Meditation

This group focuses on building the connectivity of mind, body, and emotion through meditation. Learn ways to relax and manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions by staying in the present moment.

Tuesday at 7 p.m.


Social Network Live

Join fellow students for this social development training group to learn better ways to begin, engage in, and maintain social connections and relationships.

Wednesday at 4 p.m.
Location: Room 142 Mack Student Center, North Campus


Recovery Group

Learn techniques to build and maintain motivation; cope with urges; manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and live a balanced life through recovery from substance use. This group provides support to individuals in recovery from addictions.

Friday at 3 p.m.