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Standardized Testing Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

After a comprehensive review by our admissions professionals, input from faculty, and an extensive study of national and Hofstra-specific data, we have concluded that standardized tests are not the most important predictors of academic success at Hofstra.  Instead, our studies indicate that the best predictor of success in college is a student’s high school academic record and the performance of day-to-day work in the classroom.  For these reasons, the high school transcript will continue to be the primary focus of our application review, with or without standardized test scores.

Hofstra offers a student the option to decide for themselves how to present their academic strengths, talents and abilities to the admission committee.  This enables each individual student to decide whether or not their standardized test results accurately reflect his or her academic ability and potential.

Since Hofstra has always considered applicants from a holistic point of view, the review processes for students who submit SAT or ACT scores and for students who do not submit scores are very similar.  For nearly 75% of our applicants, standardized test scores will be submitted and considered as part of a comprehensive review, along with the high school transcript, other application materials and indicators of academic ability and potential.  For those who choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores, their entire record will be part of a comprehensive and holistic review, with stronger emphasis placed on the high school transcript. 

Test scores are required for the following students:

  • Students who were homeschooled during high school.
  • International students for whom English is not their native language must submit the results of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the SAT / ACT.
  • International students for whom English is their native language must submit the results of SAT or ACT.
  • Applicants of Hofstra’s direct entry dual degree program in Physician Assistant Studies and the Hofstra 4+4 Program: B.S.-B.A./M.D. in conjunction with The Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine.
  • Students interested in applying for Hofstra’s Trustee Scholarship.

How do I know if applying test optional is right for me?  How will I know if I should or should not submit my test scores?

You should feel free to consult your college counselor or Hofstra admission counselor when making this important decision.  They are here to help you.

If you are trying to decide whether to submit test scores, our best advice is to encourage you to submit your scores if you feel that they are representative of your achievement, that they paint a realistic picture of your academic accomplishments, and that you truly believe that they will enhance your application.  In other words, if you are pleased with your test scores, we would be pleased to see them.

The decision to apply test optional is a personal and individual decision.  If you feel your test scores do not reflect your full potential, your academic achievement, or your talents and abilities, we recommend that you submit your application as a test optional candidate. 

Previous applicants have expressed the following concerns, and our counselors have offered advice, about their decision to submit test scores:

  • “My test scores are above average, but I didn’t do as well on the SAT/ACT as I personally would have liked. “  This student should submit his/her test scores.
  • “Standardized testing has been a weakness of mine throughout my high school career.  My grades and curriculum are rigorous and competitive, but my SAT/ACT scores are below the school's mid-range.”  This student should not submit his/her test scores.
  • “I don’t want to pay or can’t afford to send my test scores.”  Scores can be sent to us using a wide variety of free options.  This student should submit his/her test scores.
  • “Sending my test scores is an obstacle and will take way too long.”  This student should submit his/her test scores.
  • “I think that my academic profile is strong enough that I might be eligible for Hofstra’s prestigious and highly competitive Trustee Scholarship Program.”  This student should submit his/her test scores.
  • “My best test scores are significantly below Hofstra’s published average and mid-range scores (mentioned above).”  This student should not submit his/her test scores.