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Academic Support and Counseling

Academic Advisors/Counselors: All NOAH Scholars have access to a university professional who is committed to serving as a mentor, advisor and counselor throughout their undergraduate tenure at Hofstra. Advisors help NOAH Scholars navigate the university, chart their academic path, manage personal challenges and advocate on their behalf.

Peer Mentors: New NOAH Scholars are connected to peer mentors, who are successful current NOAH Scholars who reside with them during the Summer Academy and who offer helpful advice, educational programs and instructional support in specific subjects.

NOAH Collaborative Learning Center: NOAH Scholars are able to host group study sessions using educational technology as they become independent learners. 

Individual Counseling/Drop-In Counseling: Students can meet with their Assistant Dean/Advisors by appointment or as the need arises.

Advocacy: Your NOAH Advisor serves as an advocate for students when working with faculty, other university departments and outside agencies.

Educational Enrichment Advisement: NOAH Staff assist students in determining what their goals are and how to enhance their educational experience at Hofstra. This includes but is not exclusive to:

  • Undergraduate research opportunity identification
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Internships and Externships with NOAH Alumni
  • Graduate school preparation and advisement