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University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Description of School

    A modern university with a rich history, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) traces its roots back to 1632. Today, with more than 30,000 students and 285 programs, it is one of the largest comprehensive universities in Europe. It is a member of the League of European Research Universities and maintains extensive contact with other leading research universities around the world. Characterized by a critical, creative and international atmosphere, UvA has a long tradition of open-mindedness and engagement with social issues, in keeping with the spirit of the city with which it is inextricably linked.

  • Location

    As a key cultural and intellectual center in Western Europe, Amsterdam provides an ideal environment for academic study. The city attracts students from all over the Netherlands and beyond. The inhabitants of Amsterdam are easygoing and welcoming to foreigners. Since English is the city's unofficial second language, it is easy to find English bookstores, TV channels, restaurant menus, library resources, and cultural activities. Amsterdam is a colorful and lively city. With some 800,000 residents, it has all the advantages of a major metropolitan center while retaining a cozy, small-scale feel. Amsterdam boasts beautiful architecture and over 150 canals, lending the city its characteristic shape and atmosphere. It is full of museums, art galleries, theaters, concert halls and parks.

  • Programs Available

    Fall Semester (September to late January) – Application due End of February
    Spring Semester (February to June) – Application due End of February

  • Academic Requirements

    Students should have sophomore standing.

  • Credit System

    Generally, each course is the equivalent of a 3 credit course at Hofstra according to European Credit Transfer System.

  • Housing

    Guaranteed university housing. The university provides students with accommodations in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, offering shared rooms, private rooms with shared facilities, and private rooms with private facilities.

  • Peer Support and Integration Activities

    A non-mandatory international student orientation week takes place immediately prior to the start of the semester and is organized by the International Student Network. Each semester, the Institute for Dutch Language Education of the UvA offers beginner to advanced-level Dutch language courses (noncredit bearing) for exchange students at a cost of approximately €240. Upon successful completion of this course, exchange students may apply for fee reimbursement.

  • Visa and Insurance Requirements

    All students are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa. For more information, students should visit the U.S. Department of State at for links to each country's embassy. UvA Student Services will assist all exchange students with immigration procedures. Students are required by law to have appropriate health insurance for the duration of their stay in the Netherlands. For non-EFA/EU students requesting a residence permit through UvA, liability insurance is mandatory.

  • Program Cost

    Hofstra University's Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs awards full-tuition scholarships for either a full year or semester of study at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Contacts

    For additional details, contact Senior Associate Dean Brian Caliguire at (516) 463-5680 or via email at Brian.Caligiure[at]

    University of Amsterdam – Office of International Student Affairs Telephone: +31 20 525 8080 Email: