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International Entrepreneurship Consulting Class Provides Students with Hands-on Global Experience

The Zarb School is about preparing global leaders, and this is a classic example of preparing students to go out and make a difference and lead and transform business and also transform society.- Richard Hayes, PhD, Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Students at the Zarb School serve global communities through an innovative entrepreneurship course that provides a real-life international consulting experience.

Both graduate and undergraduate students studying all disciplines learn about the global economy, analyzing the political, social, technological, environmental and legal factors facing small businesses. They then put their skills to practice and work with global entrepreneurs abroad during spring break to help develop practical solutions to their business problems. Students examine the cultural context and challenges these entrepreneurs face both globally and domestically.

Student's recently traveled to South Africa and Israel to work as consultants to local businesses in two of the world's important economies. Other courses have visited Silicon Valley, Ireland and South Korea. In Spring 2020, students will be traveling to Ghana for a similar experiential opportunity.

See Details on the Ghana Trip [PDF]

For more information about the trip to Ghana, please email Kaushik.Sengupta[at]

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