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MiSP Project

The primary mission of MiSP is to improve middle school student achievement in mathematics. The Project will rigorously develop, implement, and research an innovative and potentially transformative model that infuses mathematics into eighth-grade science education (and has shown promising results in Phase I research). Employing mathematical methods in science instruction would have great benefits both for mathematics and science. For mathematics, it would ensure that students see the mathematics they study actually being used, and would enhance their learning. The infused mathematics would also help transform the primarily descriptive instruction currently used in middle school science into more inferential and analytical instruction, and would therefore inform science understanding.

NSF LogoNSF Award # 0927973

Dr. David Burghardt,
Principal Investigator, Center for STEM Research
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Dr. Michael Hacker,
Co-PI/Project Coordinator, Center for STEM Research

Lois Miceli
STEM Project Administrator
Phone: (516) 463-6482
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