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Writing Studies and Rhetoric

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The Department of Writing Studies and Rhetoric offers courses that reinforce writing and effective communication. The courses and programs cultivate a community of writers and speakers who become informed, skillful, and ethical communicators – leaders in their careers and their communities.

The Writing Studies minor provides instruction in effective composition for both academic and professional settings. Students create written texts and craft multimedia productions that incorporate image, sound, and hypertext. Students in the program may take courses in three major areas: professional writing, composition and rhetoric, and new media literacy. The writing minor complements coursework in a variety of majors, and prepares students for careers that value clear and effective composition skills. Students with a minor in writing studies will also be well-equipped for graduate or professional study in fields such as business, law, education, and other writing-intensive disciplines.

The Rhetoric and Public Advocacy major is a liberal arts communication program that prepares students to become citizen actors who use public argument, verbal and visual persuasion, live performance, and other modes of expression to influence social, economic, and cultural change. The major includes a concentration in Political Communication for students who are interested in employing knowledge and skills in a political context. Our award-winning Speech and Debate Team offers the opportunity to compete in a variety of speaking events with students from colleges and universities around the country. Graduates of the program go on to a variety of careers or to pursue advanced study in a diverse range of fields, including media, law, politics, business, and education.

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