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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Psy.D. Program in School-Community Psychology APA accredited?

Yes it is fully accredited by APA as a Psy.D. doctoral program in school psychology. Should you have any questions please call the APA Commission on Accreditation at 202-336-5979. You may also write to Susan Zlotlow, Ph.D. Director, Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242

What is the application deadline for the Psy.D. Program in School-Community Psychology?

All materials must be in the admissions office by January 15th in order to be reviewed.

What is the difference between the PsyD. and Ph.D. Programs in Psychology?

While there is a great deal of overlap between the programs, the PsyD.'s training emphasis is on the practice of psychology and the Ph.D. emphasizes research.

How dated can my GRE scores be at the time of application?

GRE scores must be no more than five years old.

Will I receive transfer credits?

Transfer credits are given for courses that are equivalent to those in the Psy.D. Program. Courses considered for transfer can be no more dated than ten years. Time to complete the program is unaffected by transfer credits.

I've taken the GRE/subject test before your admission deadline but the scores will not be in my file by your deadline. What is the status of my application?

Your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed with those that are complete by the deadline.

Can I take the GRE Psychology subject test after I have applied to the program?

The application is considered incomplete if the subject test is not received by our application deadline.

Will I be notified by the Graduate Admissions office when all my materials have been received?

Although the Graduate Admissions does try to notify all applicants by mail of their files' status, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that the materials have been received. We are not responsible for incomplete applications or materials which have not arrived by the application deadline. You may call the Graduate Admissions office to check on the status of your file if you have not received a letter. Do not wait for the application deadline to be near in order to assess the status of your application!

The Graduate Admissions Office: 1-866-GRAD-HOF (472-3463).

How many openings are in a given class of students and how many apply?

We typically receive about 100 applicants per year and enroll a class of 10-12 students.

Is it possible to take courses on a non-matriculated basis?

No. We offer a comprehensive program of professional study only open to full-time, matriculated students.

May I enroll in your Program for only a Master's Degree?

A terminal Master's Degree is not offered in the Psy.D. Program. One acquires an M.S. degree along the way to a Doctorate.

Is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available to graduate students in a number of formats including scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, awards, etc. After you have been accepted and have sent in a deposit, you can write a letter to the Director of the program requesting an assistantship. Virtually all full time students receive assistantships. The assistantships are normally awarded for two years. See the section of our web site on financial aid for greater detail.

What is the nature of the internships?

For full time students, the internship are extended and diversified. They are extended in that they take place over a two year period and are the equivalent of a one year, six day per week placement. They are diversified in that they take place in schools in the 3rd year and in community settings in the 4th year. Part-time students who have a Master's degree in school psychology typically do one full year of internship in a community setting in the 4th year. None of the internships are APA accredited. All students receive internship placements.

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