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Liberal Arts and Business Program at Hofstra University

Liberal Arts and Business Program Description

The B.A. major in a liberal arts discipline with a minor in general business is a 124 s.h. program that allows students to select from among 45 majors available through Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that lead to the B.A. degree, while acquiring a strong background in the basics of general business by completing 18-19 s.h. of course work in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. Students must seek advisement from faculty both in their major department in Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Zarb School of Business.  Students are required to:

  1. Complete a minimum of 94 s.h. in liberal arts courses.
  2. Fulfill all University requirements, and all requirements for the B.A., including WSC 001  and WSC 002, and all HCLAS distribution course requirements and language requirements.
  3. Fulfill all requirements for the specific academic major chosen by the student.
  4. Select from among the following courses a minimum of 18 s.h. of course work offered in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business.
  5. Successfully complete WSC 30: Business  Communication  3 s.h.
  6. Complete 12 s.h. from business-relevant liberal arts electives.

Students in this program are encouraged to seek, through both major departments, internships in business; appropriate internships, with approval of the student’s major advisor, will count toward the 12 s.h. of business-relevant electives. In addition, other courses may also be used satisfy the elective requirement, if approved by the student’s major advisor.