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European Odyssey

About the European Odyssey Program

PLEASE NOTE: The Odyssey Program will NOT be taking place again prior to Spring 2021.  For questions regarding alternate options for study abroad programs, please contact Professor Maria L. Fixell, Assistant Provost for Study Abroad and Internationalization, or visit the Office of Study Abroad Programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall.

The European Odyssey is a semester-length study abroad program housed in the Department of Global Studies and Geography that is open to all undergraduate students at Hofstra. This unique program began in 1992 and eventually expanded to become Hofstra's only semester-length study abroad program. The dozen selected students and two faculty travel for 10 weeks by minivan throughout Western and Eastern Europe. The mobile classroom setting enables students to experience a rich comparative array of ten diverse countries and cultures. Participants have the opportunity to interview politicians and policy makers, professors and students, as well as ordinary citizens throughout Europe.

The focus and itinerary of the program vary each year in order to address events and issues of relevance in Europe and to how Europe fits into the broader context of increasing globalization. The courses examine geographical, historical and contemporary topics in specific countries and regions as well as in Europe generally.

Students can receive up to 15 credits from the Department of Global Studies and Geography for the program, which is composed of five three-credit courses. These courses include:

Students who wish to participate in the Odyssey programs must be in good academic standing and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

The geography courses require prerequisites in the form of either 6 sh of prior geography courses or the prior completion of at least one of the following: Geography 1, Geography 2, Global Studies 1, or Global Studies 2. Students interested in going on the Odyssey must ensure that they have either taken at least one of these prerequisite courses, or that one of these courses is in progress when applying for the program.

Prospective Odyssey students should also make sure to NOT having completed GS 108 or GS 109 prior to going on the Odyssey. All of the courses on the European Odyssey will count toward the major and minor in Geography, and all courses except, the proposed Geography Field Methods course will count toward the major/minor in Global Studies.

When choosing students for the Odyssey, preference will be given to declared Geography and/or Global Studies majors and minors.

In addition to the regular classes, participants visit archeological and historical sites of importance to complement the readings and other course materials. The itinerary also includes visits to the European Union institutions, such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France; the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg; and the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. In addition, the Program visits historical sites, including Terezin and Dachau, concentration camps in the Czech Republic and Germany, as well as American military cemeteries in Brittany and Normandy in France.

Course content is analyzed through a variety of formats, including lectures, briefings, discussions, and presentations. In addition to regular exams, each student keeps a portfolio of reaction papers and a personal journal describing his/her experiences on the road. Students conduct as well interviews with scholars, politicians, and policy experts in order to deepen their research and analyses.

The accommodations in youth hostels and inexpensive hotels are diverse, and program participants are expected to be flexible about housing arrangements.
Students who wish to participate in these Odyssey programs must be in good academic standing and have at least a 2.5 GPA. They must also be in good financial standing. Student also needs to confer with their respective academic advisors in order to determine the way in which the Odyssey programs can complement their other requirements.

Financial aid received by eligible Hofstra students may be used to pay for tuition, room and board.

For more information about the Odyssey programs, please contact Linda Longmire, Professor of Global Studies and Director of Odyssey Programs, in Roosevelt 209B or at (516) 463-5828, or by e-mail.