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Global Studies and Geography Majors Present their Research at the Fall 2018 Undergraduate Research Day

On Tuesday, December 11th, the Department of Global Studies and Geography had ten students presenting posters from their intense research projects or thesis papers, for Undergraduate Research Day. Dr. Craig Dalton, Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Geography, supervised the Advanced GIS and Intermediate GIS posters, and Dr. Kari Jensen, Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography, supervised Julianna Cirafesi’s Global Studies Honors Thesis project.


From left to right: (back) Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dr. Craig Dalton, Sally Roscoe, Rachel Billard, Ryan Leighton, Alishbah Saddiqui, Dr. Kari Jensen, Emma Rossetti, Julianna Cirafesi, Adriana Galarza, Ligia Clara, (front) Christina Paccadolmi, Fatimah Mozawalla and Tianyue Gao.


Seniors and juniors alike had incredible posters ranging from “The Demographics of Water Usage in Cape Town, South Africa During Drought” (Sally Roscoe, ‘19), “Iceland’s Reykjadalur Valley: Environmentally-Conscious Hiking” (Adriana Galarza, ‘20), and “Time Spent in Inclusive Classrooms” (Christina Paccadolmi, ‘19).

Sally’s research showed many maps regarding Cape Town’s drought crisis and the connection between the demographics of those using more water. Sally connected all of her maps together to show that “higher income and predominately white” areas use more water. 

Adriana collected data with GPS devices on hiking trails in South Iceland and conducted research on the environment during her internship this past summer. Her poster shows the popular Reykjadalur Valley Hot Spring Trail and gives tips on how to hike and travel sustainably.

Christina’s research separated time spent in inclusive classrooms and talked about how we should have more students in “regular education classrooms” for a larger percentage of the school day. She also mentioned the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ruling that all students are to be in their “least restrictive environment” to allow educational growth.

A full list of all our majors and project titles:

Rachel Billard (Global Studies, Geography with GIS concentration): “Accessibility to Equity in the Perth Metro Area”

Julianna Cirafesi (Global Studies): “Globalization and Health: A Qualitative Study of Immigrant Women’s Health and the Hispanic Paradox”

Tianyue Gao (Geography/GIS Minor): “Community Gardens Planning in New York City”

Adriana Galarza (Global Studies and Geography with GIS concentration): “Iceland’s Reykjadalur Valley: Environmentally-Conscious Hiking”

Sarah Klush (Global Studies Major, Geography/GIS Minor): “Effects of Increases in Sedimentation and Turbidity Through Time on Fish Communities in the Upper Mississippi River System”

Ryan Leighton (Global Studies, Geography with GIS Minor): “Reactivating the Central Branch: Can it Help Solve Long Island’s Transit Woes?”

Christina Paccadolmi (Global Studies and Geography with GIS concentration): “Time Spent in Inclusive Classrooms”

Sally Roscoe (B.S. in GIS): “The Demographics of Water Usage in Cape Town, South Africa During Drought”

Emma Rossetti (Global Studies, Geography): “Ho Chi Minh City: Economic Development and Population Density”

Alishbah Saddiqui (Global Studies, Geography with GIS concentration): “Should We Let Them In? Does Crime Rate Increase With Refurgee Arrivals?”

Congratulations to all of the presenters for their hard work!  Visit our Flickr page to view additional photos from the event and look for these and other maps to be displayed around Roosevelt Hall and within the Department.