Drama and Dance

Drama Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Drama and Dance is to stimulate the imagination of our students; to motivate them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to encourage self-confidence and clarity in life goals. We work to enfold our students into, and instill in them a respect for the long tradition of theatre, dance, entertainment, and the arts, in order to better serve the enrichment of contemporary society. We help our students develop an ability to communicate on the page and on their feet, verbally and physically. We teach our students the importance of responsibility for themselves and for the community within which they work and live; that theatre and dance as a microcosm of the society are art forms, which demand cooperation, a creative division of labor, honor among colleagues and an understanding that each member is part of a gestalt. We provide specific training of skill in the execution and disciplines of the various forms of theatre and dance.