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Bachelor of Arts

Asian Studies
The Asian Studies program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the student with a broad understanding of the traditional and modern civilizations of East Asia and Southeast Asia. The Asian Studies program offers both major and minor concentrations. Study of an Asian language is strongly recommended for all majors and minors, and language courses beyond level 4 may be counted toward the major requirements. Visit the home page

Chinese/Chinese Studies
The Chinese Program at Hofstra University helps students to build a bridge to China, the emerging power in the East. With its rapidly developing economy and widening bonds to America, China is assuming greater relevance to American college education, as well as to students' future careers. This program nurtures students' linguistic ability in Chinese and cultivates their knowledge of Chinese culture, society, and history. Hofstra offers two types of Chinese major, as follows: Chinese Major, Chinese Studies major. Visit the home page

The Classics Program offers students a course of study in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. There are two possible concentrations for the major. (1) The concentration in Classical Languages and Literatures emphasizes language training in ancient Greek and/or Latin and provides the student with a strong background in classical literature and in related areas of study within classics. (2) The concentration in Classical Civilizations focuses on the literatures of antiquity (taught in translation), along with additional emphases in the ancient languages, and in related areas of study within classics. The program also offers a minor in Classics. Visit the home page

Comparative Literature
This 42 semester hour major enables the student to acquire a broad background not only in the literary history of different cultures and countries, but also in their relation to one another, and their relative degrees of influence on crosscultural movements, themes and genres in literature and the arts. A major in comparative literature reflects the intellectual breadth, flexibility and openness to cultural difference that the world increasingly demands. Visit the Hofstra Bulletin: BA in Comparative Literature | Minor in Comparative Literature

The major in German is ideally suited for students wishing to focus their undergraduate study on the language and cultures of German-speaking countries in Europe, namely, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Majors are expected to complete 24 semester hours in German beyond level 4, plus 6 semester hours in comparative literature. The adviser may direct majors to take additional courses in Linguistics, International Business, Communications, Political Science, History, or Philosophy. The program also offers a minor in German. Visit the Hofstra Bulletin: BA in German | Minor in German

Hebrew Language and Literature
If you've always wanted to speak, read, write, and understand Hebrew, the Hebrew Language Program at Hofstra University can help you achieve your goals. Visit the home page

Japanese/Japanese Studies
The Japanese Programs at Hofstra University are designed to provide students with solid training in Japanese language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and mastery of cultural competencies through additional coursework. The Japanese programs at Hofstra University attract students with a wide array of intellectual interests, in the sciences, the humanities, and in business. We offer Japanese classes at all levels, from the beginning to the advanced. To enhance acquisition of linguistic and cultural competencies, students are strongly encouraged to study in Japan. Students may elect concentrations, as follows: BA in Japanese Studies | Minor in Japanese Studies

The major in Latin is administered within the Classics Program and is ideally suited for students wishing to focus their undergraduate study on the language of ancient Rome and the European intellectual tradition. The training in Latin is rigorous. Majors are expected to complete 24 semester hours in Latin beyond level 4, plus 6 semester hours in comparative literature. The program also offers a minor in Latin. Visit the home page

Linguistics enables students to understand the inner workings of language. Learn more about Linguistics.
BA in Linguistics | Minor in Linguistics | Dual BA/MA

Russian is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Outside of Russia, it is spoken in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, and serves numerous Russian communities worldwide, including NYC, which has over one million Russian speakers. Russian has been identified by the State Department as a critical language necessary to the vital interests of our country. Government organizations such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA and others have need of Russian specialists. The Russian program at Hofstra offers a unique blend of cultural and language immersion. Courses in Russian culture and literature in translation offer a survey of the 19th and 20th century literature, as well as Russian folk tradition, art, music, theater, cinema, ballet, and intellectual history. We offer both a Major and a Minor in Russian. Visit the home page


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