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Asian Studies at Hofstra University

Asian Studies at Hofstra University

Asian Studies at Hofstra University is an interdisciplinary program designed to foster understanding of the traditional and modern societies of Asia. The program examines the cultures within Asia and explores Asia’s relationships with the countries of North America and Europe.

Hofstra currently offers a B.A. and a minor in Asian Studies that prepare students for a wide variety of career paths. Asian Studies would also benefit students who are planning to go on to graduate school to earn advanced degrees in business, education, law, and other fields.

Courses in the program are taught in many Hofstra departments, including Anthropology, Comparative Literature and Languages, Economics and Geography, Fine Arts, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion, Philosophy and Political Science.

In addition to courses taught at Hofstra University, the program also supports a number of study abroad opportunities, and encourages students to study independently in Asia for Asian Studies credit. Hofstra currently offers three short-term study abroad programs. Three are in China and one is in Japan.

Hofstra University also offers Chinese and Japanese language courses at all levels.  Students can major or minor in Chinese/Chinese Studies and minor in Japanese.