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Asia Center at Hofstra University

LuShan Society

LuShan Society is originally from China. The name is from one of most famous mountains (Yue LuShan). In order to help Chinese students adjust their life to new environment in America, the mission of LuShan Society focuses on Chinese students’ English improvement and communication skills as well as communication between Chinese students and students from any other countries. We have three regular activities (reading club, debate, and presentation) every week where you can practice English, improve your speech skills and make friends from all over the world. We organize one or two big events every month where you will meet speakers, find friends and get jobs.

Our goal is to create a platform to help Chinese students understand western society and better adapt to new environment as well as helping people understand China and Chinese culture through communication between Chinese students and western students. As the same time, LuShan Society provides a lot of information on internship, jobs, career development and business. Either you want to find jobs or you plan to start up your own business. You can get all these through our big events.

Please contact us: lushansociety@gmail.com

2013-2014 office holders

  • President: Xian Zhang
  • Secretary:  Xiaopeng Liu
  • Vice President:  Yutong Cai
  • Treasurer:  Nannan Li
  • Events Manager: Bill, Sue, Donna, Masa, Jason, Tony, Kevin
  • Technic Support: Jing He

Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/u/3212331264