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Chair's Welcome:

Why Anthropology? The more you learn about this academic discipline, the more likely you are to ask “Why not?” Most students have little or no exposure to Anthropology before coming to college, except for the occasional National Geographic special. If there is one last refuge of the Renaissance notion of a field covering everything, that place is Anthropology. We study human culture wherever it is to be found, how we evolved from earlier primates and the current social and environmental problems facing the global community.

But how can I make a living doing anthropology? Unless you pick one of the fast-track programs that give you an in-demand technical or business skill, the same might be said about most of the social sciences and humanities. If you just want a major to make lots of money, then Anthropology is probably not for you. But if you take some Anthropology courses and find yourself enjoying these more than the other liberal arts offerings, you should give it a chance. There are careers as an Anthropologist, once you have your Ph.D. and getting that may be the best part.

Anthropologists are explorers. There are very few boundaries on what we study and the best programs emphasize rigorous methods and critical theory. So try a course and see for yourself. And if you find it interesting, drop by to see me or any of my colleagues. We all love what we do and will be glad to help you find the best college experience and career opportunity for you, wherever that might be.

Sharryn M Kasmir
(516) 463-6955
200E Davison Hall