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Healthcare Information Technology - Online Program

Health care information technology is the intersection of information science, computer science, and health care. Billions of federal dollars are spent on health care IT, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested right here on Long Island. Start planning now for a new career in health care information technology! The Healthcare Information Technology Certificate. The program’s online learning platform provides 24/7 access to the curriculum and interactive learning tools, allowing students to study on a schedule that fits their individual lifestyles. Each course features approximately 24 hours of material. Students are encouraged to spend at least four hours a week on course work to complete the course in a timely fashion.

Non-Credit Certificate Program Requirements
The Healthcare Information Technology certificate program requires successful completion of six (6) required courses and one (1) prerequisite course.

Prerequisite Courses
T2090 - Introduction to Healthcare Studies (For students with no Healthcare background)
T3190 - Java Programming (For students with no IT background)

Required Courses
T2010 - Introduction to Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)
T2085 - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation
T2030 - Healthcare Data Warehousing & Analytics
T2020 - Security, Privacy, and Regulation Issues in HIT
T2040 - Healthcare Projects: Processes, Controls, and Quality
T2060 - Fundamentals of Health Informatics

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