Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations Policies

Treasury Operations oversees implementation and compliance with the following departmental policies –

  • Cash Receipts Policy - This policy governs the receipt of University cash including currency, checks, money orders, and credit cards. It also provides guidelines for depositing, recording and accounting for such cash items, regardless of whether they are received in the Office of Student Accounts, or in schools and departments.  This policy is intended to promote the timely deposit of and observance of internal controls for cash items deposited into authorized University bank accounts, thereby promoting sound cash management practices and minimizing the University's risk of financial loss.
  • Credit Card Policy - The Payment Card Industry has established important and stringent security requirements to protect credit card data.  The University is required to comply with these standards, which are known as the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).   A PCI Compliance Committee, that includes representatives from Treasury, Internal Audit, and Information Technology Security, monitors University compliance with PCI-DSS and advises departments on measures to maintain or achieve compliance with these standards.

Additionally, Treasury Operations provides applicable University departments with “Guidelines for Understanding & Preventing Credit Card Fraud”, intended to make staff aware of potentially suspicious activities that may indicate or lead to credit card fraud.

Please contact Treasury Operations with any questions.