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Current Plaques and Memorials: L

Hofstra University is the home to a large number of Plaques and Memorials. Whether it is a dedicated tree, bench, or an entire garden, Hofstra University is a perfect location to honor someone part of an award winning campus and renowned Arboretum. If you want to Dedicate a Plaque, Hofstra University will work with you to find the perfect memorial.

The following is a directory of our current Plaques and Memorials:

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Lacrosse (Men) Men's Lacrosse Memorial- Donated by Hofstra University, Students and their Families Margiotta Hall, North Side
Lacrosse (Women) Women's Lacrosse Memorial. Donated by Hofstra University, Students and their Families Margiotta Hall, Southwest Corner
LACROSSE TEAM VICTORY WALK GARDEN 1ST PLAQUE 1999 Lacrosse Team In Recognition of the Achievements of the 1999 Hofstra Lacrosse Team etc. (see print for full wording) Margiotta Hall Southwest corner Garden for Lacrosse Team with multiple plaques scattered throughout
LACROSSE TEAM VICTORY WALK GARDEN 2ND PLAQUE In memory of the East Meadow High School fallen heroes who graced the playing fields for Hofstra Men's Lacrosse: David McCartney '72 / Richard Bautz '74 / Bengt Barbaccia '76……A gift the friends of East Meadow High School Victory Garden seat wall face
LACROSSE TEAM VICTORY WALK GARDEN 3RD PLAQUE In honor of head Coach John Danowski for his commitment to teaching the game of lacrosse to our student-athlete and the values needed to be successful in life Donated by the O'Donnell Family Victory Garden-ground level north bed
LACROSSE TEAM VICTORY WALK GARDEN 4TH PLAQUE and other 5 plaques with relief of faces cast by outside company who was contracted by athletic department
LA LUMIA Joseph In Loving Memory of Dr. Joseph La Lumia Professor Emeritus of Philosophy-1996 Tree-Davison east Mt. Ash left of Northeast door
LAZARUS Hal In Honor of Hal Lazarus, PhD, Dean, distinguished professor and Colleague Bench w of Weller Hall
LEWIS Beatrice In Memory of Beatrice Lewis, Adjunct Professor , Biology  and Wife of Edward R. Lewis, Professor Emeritus  Engineering A red leaf Norway Maple tree on the NW lawn of Gittleson Hall just west of the RPZ valve berm with bronze plaque
LEWIS Marc In Memory of Marc S. Lewis, BBA '74 Beta Gamma Sigma, Son of Edward R. Lewis\ Professor. Emeritus Engineering -1985 Tree-Pinetum\Heger Hall South by Pinus Wallichiana
LIGHT Mary In Memory of Mary Light whose Love of Hofstra continues to grow here-1983 Tree-Calkins Hall/Fraser Garden Van Eseltine Crabapple North
LIVADITAKIS Vasiliki In Memory of Vasiliki Livaditakis "Angels are truly Among Us." Bench-south of Hauser Hall
LOMBARDI Joseph In Loving Memory Joseph J. Lombardi (1926-2002) Am. Elm tree with plaque and scribed brick Studium patio Northwest of booths
LOPEZ Lucretia In Memory of Dr. Lucretia R. Lopez, Chainperson Spanish Department 1948-1976 Tree-Pinetum East/near Gallon Wing Archway Parrottia tree
Lo PICCOLO Gaetano In Memory of Gaetano LoPiccolo Fraternally, The Brothers of ETT (Sigma Pi) Tree-Herbert School of Communication Northeast Corner Kousa Dogwood
LORD Howard In Loving Memory of Howard Blaine Lord July 8, 1926-Sept. 23, 2000 Kousa Dogwood-Labyrinth North, under pin oak
LUTZ J. In Memory of J. George Lutz, Beloved Member of the Chemistry Department 1942-1965 and Chairman 1943-1963 Tree-Hauser/South Pines East of Windmill
LYONS Jane In memory of Jane T. Lyons Stadium Garden west patio 500 # + space w/seat wall and associated plantings 2 planted containers