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Current Plaques and Memorials: H

Hofstra University is the home to a large number of Plaques and Memorials. Whether it is a dedicated tree, bench, or an entire garden, Hofstra University is a perfect location to honor someone part of an award winning campus and renowned Arboretum. If you want to Dedicate a Plaque, Hofstra University will work with you to find the perfect memorial.

The following is a directory of our current Plaques and Memorials:

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HABERSANG Russel This Group of Dawn Redwoods is Dedicated in Memory of RUSSEL HABERSANG-From Dr. James M. Shuart 3 Trees-Metasequoia south side of Pavilion east of Margiotta Hall
HAMMER Sanford & Murray Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sanford Hammer Provost (1935-1990) and his Father, Murray S. Hammer (1901-1986). Tree-Calkins Northeast/Weep Mulberry North.
HANNAN Helen & Ken In Honor of Helen & Ken Hanan Garden-Davison/Southeast Corner
HARTMAN Jason In honor of Jason Hartman Bench-Colonial Square Outside Williamsburg House
HEALY Joseph This Joseph Healy Memorial Garden-In Memory of Coach Joe Healy from his friends at Hofstra University-Sept.4, 1993 Garden-Margiotta Hall-East
HERMAN Everett From the Friends of Everett Herman to honor his 32 years of devoted service to Hofstra University Tree-Student Center/North Westside Windows Crabapple
HERMAN Marie In Loving Memory of Marie Herman "Richer than I, you can never be. I had a mother who read to me" Bench, south door Adams
HERMANSON Paul In Memory of our brother & friend Paul Hermanson A.E.K.B. KE 1996 Garden-Colonial Square berm 100 feet west of Colonial West lawn
HESS Leon In Memory of Leon Hess. A very good friend to Hofstra University Picea Mari. Black spruce moved to Ginkgo tree on north side of new School of Medicine in old Jet's building across lot
HOCHULI Edna Donated by Edna D. Hochuli Tree-Pinetum/Bald Cypress
"THE HORSE" By Vincent De Rosa 2001 vincentderosa@gmail.com West Circle Rd Island sculpture made up of 1000 horse shoes
HREN George In Memory of George W. Hren-1984 Tree-Pinetum/Heger Hall South Northeast of Moore Statue Carolina Hemlock
HULL William In Memory of William D. Hull (1918-1984); Professor of English (1946-1984) Tree-Calkin Hall North/Kwanzan Cherry North