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Current Plaques and Memorials: D

Hofstra University is the home to a large number of Plaques and Memorials. Whether it is a dedicated tree, bench, or an entire garden, Hofstra University is a perfect location to honor someone part of an award winning campus and renowned Arboretum. If you want to Dedicate a Plaque, Hofstra University will work with you to find the perfect memorial.

The following is a directory of our current Plaques and Memorials:

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DAVIS Amaza In memory of Amaza Weaver Davis and Sylvester S. Davis, M.D. Tree-Brower SE\Katsura East
DEJOSE John In honor of John S. (Bud) DeJose on his 80th Birthday-Class of 1941 Trustee Emeritus 40 feet + east red cedar, Hofstra Hall south side west of basement stairs
DELTA CHI DELTA Plaque 1- In Celebration of 'The memories we cherish' Delta Chi Delta Sorority, Established 1938, Dignity *Charity* Devotion, Donated by the DXD Alumnae Association In Honor of our 70th year. Plaque 2- CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF DIGNITY, CHARITY AND DEVOTION DONATED BY THE DXD ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION 1938-2013. East side of Memorial Hall- Bench / Plaque and Rock/ Plaque in DXD garden
DELUISE Nancy & Charlie In memory of Nancy and Charlie Deluise Tree-Playhouse West/White Pine North of Shakespeare Garden
DE MARCO Dave In memory of Dave De Marco Tree-Soccer Field/South under Oak Tree on Berm
DENNIS J.M. This garden is a gift from J.M. Dennis Construction Co., Inc. Stadium Plaza westside South of Meadowbrook entry under Hipomones sculpture
DEPUY David In memory of my sons-David Mark Depuy (1960-1984) and Kevin Scott Depuy (1965-1990). Tree-Brower/West Acer Palmatum Sanukaki
DIDDEN Daniel In Honor of Daniel Louis Didden Loving Son , Brother , Father , Uncle , and Friend. A Strong and Caring Man with a Heart of Gold. 1974 – 2015 Barnard Hall, Bench East Patio
DIDOMENICO Lydia In Loving Memory of Lydia DiDomenic, Beloved Colleague, Student, Wife, Mother, Aunt Nanna, Mentor and Friend and in recognition of her dedication to her family and to Hofstra University Bench, Playhouse quad north next to hydrant
DONOHUE Elizabeth In loving memory of Elizabeth Anne Donohue. You are always in our thoughts. Love, your sisters at Sigma Delta Tau. Tree-Student Center Crabapple tree in raised planter, just north of clock
DRURY Joseph This Living Memorial is Dedicated to the Memory of your Son-Joseph Randolph Drury. Aug. 22, 1964-Aug. 7, 1994 Garden-Physical Plant Dept.-East
DUNN Kelly In memory of Kay Dunn for her gentle way with children-May 25, 1999 Child Care Center south door on wall outside west of door