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Current Plaques and Memorials: C

Hofstra University is the home to a large number of Plaques and Memorials. Whether it is a dedicated tree, bench, or an entire garden, Hofstra University is a perfect location to honor someone part of an award winning campus and renowned Arboretum. If you want to Dedicate a Plaque, Hofstra University will work with you to find the perfect memorial.

The following is a directory of our current Plaques and Memorials:

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CACKETT Audrey In memory of Audrey M. Cackett-1984 Tree-New Plant Dept. North West Linden Tree
CALLAHAN Rita In Memory of Rita Callahan, Beloved Colleague and Friend In Recognition of her Dedication to the Psychology Department and Hofstra University Hauser SW corner, Bench w/ plaque
CARLIN-RANDOPLH Memorial Plaque Area-Calkins North\flagpole East Maple area around it
CERIANO Stephen In Loving Memory of Stepher Ceriano Bench, Barnard Hall East
CERNIGLIA Roy In memory of Roy Cerniglia-1984 Tree-Barnard East Plum East
CERRO Jane Crossword puzzle style plaque remembering Jane Elsie Cerro-Mother,Wife,and Friend May 17, 2003 Student Center west ramp
BOOTS (CERRO family) NIKKI BOOTS 'Set your hopes up way too high Niki Boots Remember, The Living Is In The Way We Try' Student Center Bench in Cerro (*Moved to Barnard East)
CERRO Mary Elizabeth What can be said about Mary Elizabeth Cerro? That she brightened the lives of animals and humans alike is well know. That she unselfishly gave everything within her heart is an understatement. That we all miss her kindness, her special character, and her love goes without saying. 1 of 2 benches, Lowe Hall NW cornder garden area. Just the benches, not the garden
CERRO Eleanora Genevieve A shady spot celebrating the tenth decade of a charmed life. Dr. Eleanora Genevieve Cerro. “What ails you?” Presented with our love and gratitude on June 10, 2010. 1 of 2 benches, Lowe Hall NW cornder garden area with Mary's benches. Just the benches, not the garden
CERRO Elizabeth Ann A place of peace and serenity. Celebrating the life and achievements of Elizabeth Ann Cerro. Presented by her loving family on April 10, 2010. One side of double bench Barnard Hall East along the Nikki Boots plaque which we moved from Student Center hill near West Ramp
CIAMPI John In memory of John Ciampi-Chris Kermelis "May God Keep You in the Palm of His Hand" Bench south side left of entry-Portsmouth House? Col.Sq.
CIANCIULLI Frank In memory of Frank Cianciulli 1935-1998 Picea omorika 'Pendula'; Tree-Heger quad east -east of diagonal walkway
CICIO Victor 1943-1973/Class of 1965 Tree-Monroe Southwest Cherry Tree west
CHURCHILL Charles L CHARLES "CHUCK" CHURCILLL began his employment at Hofstra University in 1965, after serving for 25 years in the United States Army. His association with Hofstra lasted for over 40 years, as he stayed closely involved in many activites on campus following his retirement in 1997, including his passionate following of Hofstra Athletics. One of the most loyal and dedicated fans of the Hofstra Softball Team, Chuck was a tremendous mentor, carrying an aura of experience and sincerity that made everyone feel important. The Hofstra Softball Team members universally revered him, and in many ways considered him to be the unofficial father of the program. He will always be an important part of the proud tradition of Hofstra Softball. Made possible by the friends and family of Charles "Chuck" Churchill'. Softball Stadium, West Outside Wall
CLASS OF 1938 To commemorate their 50th anniv.-1988 Tree-Davison Hall/North Seat Wall/Under Deodor Cedar
CLASS OF 1939 GARDEN Planting a gift from Charter Class of 1939-40th Reunion Garden-Library/Southwest area along the walkway
CLASS OF 1939 Donated by Charter Class-50th Reunion -May 19, 1989 Tree-Davison Hall/North Deodor Cedar
CLASS OF 1940 A gift from The Class of 1940 Garden-Bird Sanctuary Outside North Gate (not arch)
CLASS OF 1941 A gift from The Class of 1941-June 10, 1941 Tree, maple, Calkins North of flagpole
CLASS OF 1942 "50th Anniversary" Garden-Stadium Builders Gate
CLASS OF 1944 A gift from class of 1944 Bench-Bird Sanctuary Rustic Bench Outside
CLASS OF 1950 A gift from the class of 1950-to commemorate their 40th reunion...May 1993 Tree-Hofstra Hall South Giant Arborvitre along walk/dwarf conifer area
CLASS OF 1953 A gift from the Class of 1953 to commemorate its 40th reunion…May 1993 Grove-Margiotta Hall West 11 Arborvitae tree bed
CLASS OF 1983 A small piece of paradise donated by the Class of 1983 Garden-Student Center/North of AOB Garden
CLASS OF 1984 A Living Tribute to Hofstra University Student Center North Side
CLASS OF 2000 A gift from the Class of 2000 3 Pinus cembra….C.V. Starr west, left of entry
COHEN David In memory of David Cohen my angel on the earth and beloved dad. Your devoted daughter, Dee-2002 Bench in front of Japanese Maple tree north of Barnard Greenhouse
COHEN Goldie In memory of Goldie Falcoff Cohen. The world was her garden Tree, Weeping Larch Pinetum, center walk west gift of Natalie Datloff
COLE Margaret In memory of Margaret Cole, "Margaret's Corner" Bench, Heger/west side white pine
COMUNALE Joseph In loving memory of Joseph "Joey" Comunale. Son, Brother and Friend. Forever remembered, Forever missed. Love, the Brothers of DSP Bench, Roosevelt Quad, north of northwest entrance to Roosevelt Hall
CONNER Dorothy & Ralph In memory of Dorothy & Ralph Conner Tree-R.H. Montomery dwarf spruce, Berliner SW
CORVA NO WORDING AS YET 11/23/99 Stadium Plaza west infront of Alianthus sculpture
COYNE Tommy Always on our Mind "Thee" Tommy Coyne Sr., 2012 Plant Dept, south of Cafeteria Rock w/ plaque in bed
CREASER Edwin In memory of Dr. Edwin P. Creaser, Chairman-Biology Dept. 1949-1964 Tree grove Football Practice field west berm
CROSS Jim In memory of Jim Cross-Horticulturist and Friend, 1995. Tree-Pinetum/Gold Hinoki 10 feet center/East of Henry Moore Sculpture
CROWLEY Agnes Agnes' Garden- The Crowley Family-2000 Garden w/bench along East side walk, Heger east quad