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The Fire and Life Safety Officer maintains University compliance with existing regulations to enhance and promote safety for the Hofstra community. Visit the Department of Public Safety webpage to review Hofstra’s Annual Fire Safety Report. For more information, contact the Fire and Life Safety Officer Bill Sollin at (516) 463-6619.

To report an emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety at (516)-463-6789.

Fire Code Compliance

The Life and Fire Safety Officer assists the Facilities and Operations staff in ongoing project review and the training of appropriate personnel to assure and maintain compliance with building, fire and environmental codes.

Fire Safety Guidelines

All Hofstra community members are advised to follow the Fire Safety Guidelines and the Code of Community Standards to provide a safe environment for themselves and fellow students.

Environmental and Lab Safety

Federal, State and Local laws require that the University maintains an inventory of all chemicals used on the campus. Safety Data Sheets are stored in the individual locations where use occurs, and are available to authorized users online. Contact Fire and Life Safety Officer Bill Sollin at (516) 463-6619 for more information. For further lab safety questions, contact Wendy Hom, Special Assistant Professor of Chemistry at (516) 463-4727.

Hazardous Material Spills

A Hazardous Material Spill is defined as any spill of a hazardous material or a spill of unknown origin that cannot be identified. To report a spill or related problem, contact the Department of Public Safety at (516) 463-6606, and the Fire and Life Safety Officer Bill Sollin at (516) 463-6619. Hofstra has Spill Prevention, Control and Counter-measure Plan (SPCC) and departmental staff are trained and equipped in proper response. The Oil SPCC Coordinator is Tom Masciale, Associate Director for Central Utilities, Alternate SPCC Coordinator is Greg Homeyer, Chief Engineer for Central Utilities, and the primary SPCC campus contact is Bill Sollin, Fire and Life Safety Officer.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Chemical Hygiene Plan is published in the Hofstra Policy Series. Hofstra personnel may review it on the Hofstra portal.