Faculty Affairs

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Margaret Abraham, PhD (8/1/2019-onwards), and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Terri Shapiro, PhD (until 12/31/2019), are responsible for overseeing Faculty Affairs, including:

  • Faculty Development, with a special emphasis on technology and online learning initiatives, as well as the facilitation of the Faculty Research, Education and Development (FRED) seminars and workshops.
  • Application of the CBA, FPS, Faculty Statutes and other processes that involve faculty.
  • Evaluation of faculty and deans.
  • Addressing faculty concerns, including special leaves (sabbaticals) and the professor incentive program.

Dr. Shapiro has additional oversight responsibility for:

  • Assessment and Accreditation: Supervising, reviewing, and supporting the accrediting process for institutional and program-level specialized accreditations; managing the University's academic outcomes assessment program, which includes the assessment of student outcomes in both general education and the program or major; and facilitating general academic program review across the University.
  • New York State Education Department: Overseeing the application submission process to NYSED, including coordinating with departments on new and change of program applications, submitting applications, maintaining a database of program submission and approvals, and communicating with NYSED on all new and change of program submission.
  • Curriculum and Standards: Chairs the Provost's Committee on Curriculum and Standards – working collaboratively with the Vice Provosts for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Vice Provost for Scholarship and Engagement/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Coordinator for the University Bulletin and Curriculum to evaluate and approve all undergraduate and graduate curricular changes, and working with all academic units to facilitate the NYSED submission process.
  • Course and Teacher Ratings: Managing the University's CTR process and budget for all courses, including DL, and supervising the CTR team.

Distance Learning: Developing proposals, goals and objectives for the University's long-term distance learning strategy, as well as managing and evaluating the overall University plan for distance learning and its implementation.