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Hofstra in Japan

Hofstra in Japan Program, summer session 2
June 12 – July 4 + an optional 2-week tour

Discover Japan through a three-week study abroad program that features an optional two-week tour following the main program’s conclusion. Hofstra in Japan 2019 offers a comprehensive and unique learning experience. This year we are partnered with Tokyo University of Agriculture (Nōdai), as well as with Tokyo Future University.  In the spirit of international cultural exchange, students will share some classes and excursions with Japanese students.  Students will learn about Tokyo and Japan through coursework and excursions that aim to show the history and continuity of sustainability “Japan-style,” as well as the interconnectedness of Japan’s urban and rural areas.  Tokyo – the main program’s home base – has traditional Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, in addition to modern skyscrapers, vast underground shopping malls, and the best-managed commuter train system in the world.  It is also nicely situated for a variety of day trips.

The main portion of the program will include a three-day homestay at Aoki-mura, a beautiful village in Nagano, Japan.  While in Aoki-mura, students will engage in a variety of activities with their host families, as well as with the group.  These include soba making, taikō drumming, and a hands-on visit to a local pre-school. While the group will have a number of planned excursions during the three-week main program (including the visit to Aoki-mura), students can also use their free days to travel to various sites in around Tokyo, including Nikkō, Fuji-Hakone, castles, beaches, and onsens (hot spring baths).

Students who choose to participate in the optional trip will broaden their experiences through a trip that takes them to Western Japan, Shikoku, and remote mountain areas of Honshu.  We will visit Hiroshima and nearby Miyajima (home to a beautiful floating shrine), then head to Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital.  In Kyoto, we will learn about traditional history and culture, and also about tea cultivation, with a trip to a nearby tea plantation.  We then travel to the remote Iya Valley in Shikoku, where members of the Taira clan retreated following their defeat in the Gempei War of 1185.  After Shikoku, we return to Honshu, where we first stay in a Buddhist temple deep in the mountains.  Following our shukubō (temple stay) we will travel to Kanazawa City, home of the Maeda clan and an important economic and cultural center during the Edo Period, then to beautiful Hida-Takayama and nearby Shirakawa-go in Gifu-ken.  Before returning to Tokyo, our optional tour will finish up with a brief stay in Nagoya where we will visit a Toyota Factory (or the Toyota Museum) and experience a sumo wrestling tournament.

Hofstra in Japan provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and study about Japan: three weeks in and around Tokyo, including a visit to rural Nagano Prefecture, and a two-week optional tour to points further afield.


Hofstra in Japan Program
June 12 – July 4 + an optional 2-week tour


Students from Hofstra and other universities are encouraged to apply to the Program

Program Costs:
Main Program: $3900
The program fee includes RT airfare, accommodations, including Aoki Village excursion, IC card (providing most local transportation and meals) and some entrance fees/activity fees.

Optional Tour: $2500
The additional fee includes intercity transportation, accommodations, and entrance fees to many of the activities.  Breakfast will be included every day of the optional tour, as will between 3-5 dinners.  (Full program students will pay a total of $6400, airfare included.)

Regardless of whether a student selects the main program or the full program (with optional tour), all students will pay standard Hofstra tuition and fees for 3 or 6 credits, depending on the number of courses they take.

Spending money: The program fees include most local transportation and meals, but students should expect to bring between $750-1600 (depending on the length of their journey) to cover additional transport, additional entrance fees and excursions, and souvenirs.

“Make your own travel plans” discount:  Students who choose to make their own travel plans will receive a discount of $1200, which will be credited to their account.  If you choose to make your own flight arrangements, please verify your travel plans with the director.

Program costs are subject to change.

Application Information
For an application, please visit and click on “Study Abroad Applications” under the “Useful Resources” tab.  Download and complete the Hofstra in Japan Program application and the four (4) necessary forms.  Bring the completed application, necessary forms and $500 nonrefundable deposit receipt to the Office of Study Abroad Programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall, South Campus, by March 7, 2019.

For more information about the program, please contact:
Dr. Patricia Welch
Director, Hofstra in Japan Program
Telephone: 516-463-5602
Email:  patricia.welch[at]

Available Courses


Hofstra in Japan Program
June 12 – July 4, 2019 + a two-week trip

  • ASST 21: (CC, IS), Discover Japan 3 s.h.
  • LIT 96: (LT, CC) Devouring Tokyo: Literature, Food, and Film. 3 s.h.
  • ASST 150: Special Topics – Traditional Tea Ceremony, 1 s.h.

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