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Hofstra in Athens

Hofstra in Athens Program
January 4-22, 2019

Program Description


Hofstra in Athens Program
January 4-22, 2019

THE CITY OF ATHENS, SPRAWLING FROM THE FOOT OF THE ACROPOLIS, has beckoned travelers since its rise as the founding home of democracy in fifth century B.C. Athens is the main site of a three-week odyssey offered by Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages in January 2019. Hofstra University provides a curriculum-related opportunity for students to interact with the landscape and environment that has shaped the basic principles, ethics and aesthetics of their own culture. Greece is lovely still and Athens is safe, lively and welcoming with weather that caresses the skin in the middle of winter. Tourism is currently booming. Greece is functioning fully. It continues to attract 16 million tourists a year.

Why Athens?

  • Walk in the sunny palm, orange and cypress-tree lined streets that Socrates, Plato and Aristotle also walked.
  • Visit the birthplace of democracy and view parliament and the Acropolis from your hotel. Admire the daily changing of the guard (in traditional dress) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, at the foot of the Greek Parliament.
  • Enjoy the balmy weather, visit the museums surrounding you, sit outside and sip frappé, have long lunches, share nightly meals (dinners included in program cost on class days, lunches on excursions) and make new friends as we explore different restaurants.
  • Take in the culture that a modern European city with a rich history and landscape can offer.
  • Enjoy your classes at the ultra-modern Goethe Institute with its wonderful gourmet cafeteria, and experience student life in Athens, the city where the first university (Plato’s Academy) was created. 
  • Take advantage of the wonderful after-Christmas sales during our visit and discover Athens and other parts of Greece and Europe (if you wish) on your own between Thursday afternoon and Sunday, when you have no classes. For those who remain in Athens during the weekends, we always do something special.

Program Details

Hofstra in Athens Program
January 4-22, 2019

Students from Hofstra and other universities are encouraged to apply.

For an application, please visit and click on “Study Abroad Applications” under the “Useful Resources” tab.  Download and complete the Hofstra in Athens Program application and the four (4) necessary forms.  Bring the completed application, necessary forms and $400 nonrefundable deposit receipt to the Office of Study Abroad Programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall, South Campus, by October 17, 2018

The program fee of $3,680 covers round-trip airfare, hotel travel to and from airport and to excursions, the three excursions to Delphi, Mycenae/Epidaurus, three-island cruise with lunch), archaeological site and museum fees, hotel accommodations for 18 nights, continental breakfast daily, evening meals (Monday-Thursday, except on excursion days when you get lunches instead), as well as other treats, as our budget allows.  In addition to the program fee, students pay standard Hofstra tuition and fees for a three-credit course.

*The program fee quoted above is subject to change.  


Dr. Barbara Lekatsas
Department of Comparative Literature and Languages
303 Calkins Hall
107 Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11549-1070

Telephone: 516-463-6553 | Fax: 516-463-7082     Email: CLLBPL[at]


Available Courses

Hofstra in Athens Program
January 4-22, 2019

In English:

Greek Literature in Comparative Context (CLL 151)
Professor Barbara Lekatsas
This course satisfies a general distribution requirement or the language option; and also satisfies a requirement toward the Greek minor.  The course introduces literature that is linked to the sites we visit.  We read plays by Aristophanes, who set much of his work on the Acropolis, look at travelers’ responses to the same places you visit, and conclude with contemporary Greek views on this ancient yet living landscape.

History of Modern Greece (HIST 177)
Professor Efstratios Demertzis
This course satisfies a history requirement and also satisfies a requirement toward the Greek minor. It is one of the few opportunities a student will have to study Modern Greek history and understand the events that shaped the Greek people today.